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Why Emo’s popularity is growing among Bangladeshis

Why Emo's popularity is

Messaging app Emo said in its annual report that the amount of messages sent to Bangladeshis using their app has increased by quite 6 percent compared to 2019.

Throughout the year, Bangladeshi emo users have sent quite nine and a half billion messages and quite two and a half billion audio-video calls. Of these, about three billion are international messages and quite one and a half billion are international audio-video calls.

The messaging app company said during a statement, “Bangladeshi emoji usage has reached record levels.”

The company told BBC Bangla that Bangladesh has the very best number of emo users within the world. As of December 2020, it’s been installed 37 million times in Bangladesh.

In a statement to the media, Emo’s vice-president described the Bangladeshi trend as “unprecedented”.

Emo is far more fashionable Bangladeshi migrant workers and their relations working in several countries. lecture any migrant worker and their relatives, it’ll be known that they need emo installed on their mobile .

The trend of online use among Bangladeshis has increased tons in 2020 thanks to coronavirus infection. thanks to the very fact that the direct communication was stop thanks to the lockdown, virtual yoga increased.

Although quite 200 million people use emo in 72 languages in additional than 150 countries round the world, there are many complaints about this app.