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What the hell is ‘gofu’ and what benefits does it bring to your health?


In response to a report by the consulting agency Lantern, 1.3% of the Spanish inhabitants is vegetarian and 0.2% vegan. Tofu is likely one of the most consumed and nutritious plant protein sources, however what’s gofu?

Legumes are one of the vital necessary sources of protein, particularly inside plant-based diets. Soy is particularly standard in its totally different variants: merchandise resembling textured soy, milk and soy yoghurts or tofu, originating in Asian international locations resembling China, are standard and extremely nutritious, though at the moment its use and manufacturing has unfold to the West. The tofu is ready pmade out of soybeans, water and a coagulant resembling calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride or calcium chloride,

There are quite a few variants of tofu and likewise methods to organize it in accordance with its texture and firmness, since it may be silken or agency. Along with protein, tofu is wealthy in minerals resembling iron, magnesium, copper, and phosphate, in addition to calcium and potassium, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. Now, in Spain a cousin has come out: gofu, made and marketed by the brand of organic products Ahimsa.

What’s yuba, the Japanese vegan hen that triumphs within the West?

What’s the important distinction between tofu and gofu? The consonant offers us clues, and it’s that as a substitute of being made out of soy, eIt makes use of a typical Spanish legume as a base: chickpea. The top outcome may be very related when it comes to texture, shade and taste. Their properties are additionally related: excessive organic warmth protein, important amino acids, sluggish absorption hydrates, fiber and good content material in nutritional vitamins and minerals, in addition to low fats content material.

For these curious or who wish to introduce selection into their eating regimen, gofu is proposed as a robust choice so as to add a unique protein supply. Like tofu, it may be scrambled, filleted, breaded, diced and way more. It may also be marinated and eaten chilly, baked, grilled, grilled, on toast for breakfast or as an aperitif.

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