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What role can food play in managing our …


“Wednesday, 9 thirty at night time. I discover myself sitting on the sofa having dinner whereas watching tv. Earlier than ending what I’ve on my plate, I am already considering of going to the kitchen for one thing else. A salad? Some fruit?

No, I do not really feel like all of that. Extra like a bun or some potato chips. The actual fact is that I shouldn’t be very hungry as a result of I’ve eaten nicely, however I really feel the necessity to eat and eat extra ”.

We additionally eat with out starvation, why?

Has one thing comparable ever occurred to you? It will be apparent to assume that if we wish to eat, it’s as a result of we’re hungry. Nonetheless, this isn’t the one purpose why we eat.

It’s clear that consuming is a essential physiological act. Now, the need for meals might be influenced by many causes. Most of them will not be physiological, however emotional.

The easy acts of choosing meals and consuming are influenced by a number of components that we’re all conversant in. They are often starvation, urge for food (craving), the provision of meals … Nonetheless, feelings, temper, emotions of stress or anxiousness and even boredom additionally play a job.

On these events, we search to channel that emotion by consuming (considering that we’re hungry). In spite of everything, vitamins trigger the mind to secrete varied substances that produce pleasure, corresponding to dopamine or serotonin.

What’s extra, not solely our mind intervenes. At present the abdomen is taken into account to be our “second mind”, since produces and stores 90% of the total serotonin in our body .

In the long run, we take each alternative to eat meals that produce emotions of well-being or “happiness.” These are often very caloric and wealthy in fat and / or sugars, which additional improve the feeling of enjoyment.

Is it vital to vary this behavior?

In precept, we don’t have to contemplate this as an issue. Issues change if it turns into routine. At this level we’d start to rely upon meals to fulfill our emotional wants.

Along with the truth that physiologically there may be an apparent affectation, on an emotional stage there are severe penalties. It’s exactly at this stage that the basis of the issue lies.

Subsequently, it’s a behavior that we’ve to concentrate to, so as to have the ability to modify it. A number of the causes are that can lead us to be overweight or obese or to develop different extreme consuming problems, harming our well being.

What can we do?

There are easy concepts that may assist you to handle this behavior:

  • It’s best to keep away from shopping for meals which will find yourself being eaten impulsively (corresponding to pastries or snacks). With these at residence, they’re extra more likely to be consumed. If we really feel offended or unhappy, it’s higher to postpone the thought of ​​going to the grocery store till the feelings have returned to regular.
  • Preserve a meals diary. Write down what you eat, how a lot, when, what it feels wish to eat and the way hungry you might be. Over time, we might discover patterns that reveal the connection between our temper and meals.
  • Preserve stress beneath management. If stress results in emotional consuming, let’s attempt methods like yoga, meditation, or deep respiration. Listening to music can be an alternative strategy to emotional eating.
  • Let’s be taught to evaluate whether or not it’s bodily or emotional starvation. If we’ve eaten sufficient and comparatively lately, it’s seemingly that we aren’t hungry. Giving time till it passes or searching for one thing to do exterior of meals, corresponding to sports activities, calling pals, watching a film, studying, browsing the web, or writing may help.
  • It is very important eat listening to the smells, textures, colours of meals … Discovering new sensations will take us away from the thought of ​​compulsive consuming. Additionally take note of while you eat, in what place or the velocity you utilize. Totally having fun with the act of consuming is important.
  • If we really feel the necessity to snack between meals, a wholesome snack is best. For instance, contemporary fruit, greens with a low-fat dressing, nuts or popcorn with out butter, fat-free yogurt, complete wheat toast or pancakes with contemporary cheese… In brief, go for actual meals and keep away from ultra-processed ones.

By reaching small targets, your self-confidence will enhance and we are able to proceed with different vital adjustments in consuming. It is usually vital to file progress and acknowledge every day successes.

Because the French jurist and gourmand stated Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, “Inform me what you eat and I will let you know what you might be.” Subsequently, don’t use meals to control your feelings. Get pleasure from it in a wholesome approach!The Conversation

Maria Isabel Martinez Castro, Physician in Psychology. Basic Well being Psychologist., International University of Valencia

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