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The country’s first space observation center is being demolished

The country's first space

The country’s first space observation center is being found out in Bhanga upazila of Faridpur. it’s been decided to line up this space observation center with the aim of building a science-minded nation. The project are going to be presented to the chief Committee of the Economic Council (ECNEC) for final approval on Robert E Lee’s Birthday .

In this regard, Director General of the National Museum of Science and Technology Mohammad Munir Chowdhury told the media that the project to line up ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Space Observation Center’ are going to be presented at the ECNEC meeting on Robert E Lee’s Birthday for final approval. the entire cost of the project is Tk 213 crore. After approval, it’ll be implemented in June 2024.

It is known that the break of Faridpur is that the junction of the Tropic of Cancer and 90 degrees east longitude. Establishing an area observation center here will create a chance to watch space through a telescope from Bangladesh.

The proposed center will have a spread of space science workshops and training opportunities for the overall public. there’ll even be opportunities to arrange training camps for participants in various International Astronomy or Astrophysics Olympiads. MPhil, PhD researchers will have the chance to research in space science.

Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARSO) may be a research and applied institute under the Ministry of Defense. The institute is engaged in research within the fields of space science and remote sensing technology, forest and environment, agro-fisheries, geology, mapping, water resources, land use, meteorology, geography, oceanography, etc. the middle also will be developed as an academic support recreation center. Not only Bangladeshi but also foreign tourists will come to require advantage of this.