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‘Preacher’ sentenced to 1075 years in prison for sexual offenses

'Preacher' sentenced to

A Turkish television presenter has been sentenced to quite 1,075 years in prison for sex crimes. He wont to call women ‘kittens’. His name is Adnan Oktar. He was sentenced by a Turkish court on multiple charges of sexual assault of girls and youngsters , espionage and forgery.

According to BBC sources, Adnan Oktar alias Harun Yahya, a controversial Turkish preacher and author of varied religious texts, wont to make controversial statements on religious issues on TV. He also discussed ‘religious values’ in various talk shows. However, short-lived women wont to be present in these discussions. those that wont to dance together with her in high make-up at that point . He wont to call these women as his pet ‘kittens’.

In 2016, he was again accused of leading a criminal organization, sexually abusing women and youngsters , threatening people with weapons, protecting personal information, depriving people of their right to education, torture, trafficking, military espionage, fraud and deception.

Police then arrested Adnan Oktar from his range in Istanbul. a complete of 238 people were arrested on charges of being involved him. 7 of them were later arrested. Adnan also confessed to the crime during interrogation and said he had quite thousand girlfriends. He also admits to having sex with them. The judge then sentenced him to 1075 years in prison.

Turkey’s main media outlet, Adanlu, reported that in 2016, Oktar had tried unsuccessfully to stage a “coup” in Turkey with a US-based organization. “I have quite thousand girlfriends,” Oktar told the presiding judge in December 2019. i’m particularly deserving. i feel there’s a special place for ladies .

In 1990, Oktar was first charged with sexual offenses, including his cult. He wrote a 70-page book criticizing Darwin’s theory of evolution. The name of the book is ‘The Atlas of Creation’. However, he wrote the book under the name of Aaron ‘Yahya’. Police have recovered 69,000 contraceptive pills from his stables. However, she claims that these are wont to control menstruation in dermatological girls.


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