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Nobel suddenly announced ‘leaving the song’ at midnight

Nobel suddenly announced

Mainul Ahsan Nobel of Bangladesh has been introduced through Zee Bangla’s Saregamapa reality show. He got acquainted by covering the songs of the star artists of Bangladesh. Nobel has faced controversy by making bizarre remarks at various times. Noble’s name appeared within the headlines quite once thanks to controversy. Nobel and therefore the controversy became side by side of an equivalent coin.

Nobel announced the sudden release of the song in the dark on January 11 (Monday). The singer informed about the matter through a standing on his Facebook page. But within the morning Nobel changed the quantity . Deleted the status of the night.

Nobel gave the status at around 2.30 pm. Nobel wrote in his post, ‘If you give me an honest reward for entertaining the people of two Bengals for eleven months. Married at just 23 years old, I even have given some wrong status under the pressure of family and 4 walls. this is often my fault. i feel i will be able to hand over music. Are you cheerful with this? But let it’s so. Be good Bengali. ‘

It is believed that Nobel gave this status to netizens out of anger. He couldn’t be reached for discuss Nobel’s personal mobile number.

Nobel released a song titled ‘Joke’. He was widely criticized for promoting the song. Netizens were outraged after the song was released. There was a storm of dislike on the song.

Then a song titled ‘Acting’ sung by Nobel was released recently. The song released under the banner of Soundtech couldn’t get much response. many of us think that Nobel is affected by frustration with music. Because the essential songs sung by him aren’t getting acceptance from the listeners. So maybe he has announced to go away the song.