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Implementing a budget of 1 lakh 61 thousand crore to eliminate gender inequality

Implementing a budget of

State Minister for ladies and youngsters Affairs Fazilatun Nesa Indira has said that this government has implemented a budget of Tk 1.61 lakh crore through 43 ministries to eliminate gender inequality.

He was speaking because the chief guest at a gathering of girls in Development (WED) focus officials at the Shishu Academy auditorium in Dhaka on Tuesday (January 12) to organize a national action plan for the implementation of the Women’s Development Policy 2011 under the Strengthening Gender Responsive Budgeting Project organized by the Ministry of girls and youngsters Affairs.

State Minister Indira said the most goal of the Gender Responsive Budget is to scale back inequality and make equality of opportunity. Through which Bangladesh has created a task model within the world in building an egalitarian society and state by eliminating gender inequality. Bangladesh ranks fifth among 153 countries in establishing an egalitarian society. Also topping Asia. India’s position here is 112nd, America, Japan, China and lots of other industrialized and superpowers are behind Bangladesh.

Referring to the expansion rate of gender budget, the state minister said the allow the fiscal year 2009-10 was Tk 26,247 crore. The allow 2019-20 financial year is 1 lakh 61 thousand 246 crore taka, which is 30.62 percent of the entire budget. 5.58 percent of GDP. within the last 10 years, the allocation has increased 5 times, the amount of ministries has increased by 39.

He said that through proper implementation of gender budget, great progress has been made within the areas of political, economic and social empowerment of girls , gender equality in primary and secondary, reduction of kid and maternal mortality, health and vaccination.

The state minister said the event and empowerment of girls is visible through the socio-economic progress of girls . this needs government support and financial allocation for women’s employment, entrepreneurship and Social Security . thereto end, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has been implementing a Gender Responsive Budget since 2009-10.

State Minister Indira said 43 ministries are working for the event , empowerment and employment of girls in three groups. Nine ministries are working to empower women and increase their social station . Nine ministries are working to extend productivity and ensure greater participation of girls within the market and income generating activities, and 25 government ministries are working to extend women’s access to government services.

Focal Point officials from 43 ministries were present at today’s meeting, chaired by Women and youngsters Affairs Secretary Kazi Raushan Akter.