Asking his wife to

Asking his wife to fall asleep, Zubayd hung himself from a palm tree

The husband went out in the dark because his wife was asleep and never came back. She awakened within the middle of...
Implementing a budget of

Implementing a budget of 1 lakh 61 thousand crore to eliminate gender inequality

State Minister for ladies and youngsters Affairs Fazilatun Nesa Indira has said that this government has implemented a budget of Tk 1.61...
What will the ACC do

‘What will the ACC do, watch the joke or take action’

BNP senior joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed has asked the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) what the ACC will do, watch the...
Anushka went to Dihan

Anushka went to Dihan’s house alone that day

On the day of the incident, Anushka Noor Amina, an 'O' level student of Mastermind School, visited Iftekhar Fardin Dihan's house on...

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