Bangladeshis fighting for

Bangladeshis fighting for their lives in the jungles of Bosnia

Hundreds of migrants, including Bangladeshis stranded on the Bosnian border, live in extreme inhumane conditions thanks to heavy snowfall. there's also a...
'Preacher' sentenced to

‘Preacher’ sentenced to 1075 years in prison for sexual offenses

A Turkish television presenter has been sentenced to quite 1,075 years in prison for sex crimes. He wont to call women 'kittens'....
In India, 11 people

In India 11 people died after drinking alcohol

In Madhya Pradesh, India, 11 people have died thanks to alcohol poisoning. Six more people are undergoing treatment at the hospital.
Fear of anarchy in the

Fear of anarchy in the United States, Trump’s state of emergency in Washington

President Donald Trump has approved a state of emergency within the capital, Washington, D.C., until Jan. 24. The move comes amid security...

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