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Bangladeshis fighting for their lives in the jungles of Bosnia

Bangladeshis fighting for

Hundreds of migrants, including Bangladeshis stranded on the Bosnian border, live in extreme inhumane conditions thanks to heavy snowfall. there’s also a food crisis. during this situation, human rights organizations have expressed deep concern.

It has no place to rest its head, it’s very cold thereon . These refugees trapped in Bosnia live a dehumanized life within the snow. The temporary shelter camp was also burnt to ashes last month. Since then, they need taken shelter under the open sky and in temporary abandoned buildings.

Although these refugees dreamed of migrating to European countries within the hope of a far better life, now they’re struggling to save lots of their lives. there’s a war with the severe cold and a food crisis.

One said, ‘Many don’t have warm clothes here. No shoes. we will die at any time within the cold. ‘

Another said our condition is extremely bad. We aren’t safe in the least . People are looting our belongings rather than helping. Selling. we’d like help. ‘

Immigrants hoping to cross into Europe have long been trapped in Bosnian border camps. Some are waiting a year to cross the border into Croatia to succeed in Europe.

The world organization for Migration (IOM) says refugees need humanitarian assistance on an emergency basis.

Natasha Omarovich, a politician with the world organization for Migration, said: “Many refugees are being forced to measure under the open sky within the bitter cold. Many have taken refuge in Bosnia’s war-torn abandoned homes. they need no guarantee of daily needs and necessary food. at the present , we are in a particularly inhumane situation again.

The world organization for Migration (IOM) has again called on the countries concerned to require necessary steps to resolve the migration crisis.