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Asking his wife to fall asleep, Zubayd hung himself from a palm tree

Asking his wife to

The husband went out in the dark because his wife was asleep and never came back. She awakened within the middle of the night and began trying to find her husband. Later, her husband’s body was found hanging from a palm next to the house.

The body was recovered on Tuesday morning after receiving the news. The incident happened at Mahura village in Nayekpur union of Madan upazila of Netrokona.

Madan police OC said. Masuduzzaman said the body of a 25-year-old man was recovered from the rear of his house and sent to Netrokona Modern Sadar Hospital Morgue for autopsy. An unnatural death case are going to be filed during this regard at Madan police headquarters .

The OC further said that since the incident happened in the dark , the body couldn’t tend without an autopsy.

According to family, local and police sources, Zubaid came home from Haor in the dark last Monday (January 11) after working in agriculture as was common . After eating, he told his wife to ‘fall asleep’ and left the house again at around 11 o’clock.

Later, when his wife awakened at around 2 am, he couldn’t find her husband by his side and began calling his wife’s brother-in-law Sekul. When her husband said that she had not click yet, Sekul Mia visited the rear of the house with a torch light and saw her brother’s body hanging during a palm .

At that point the people of the world came and informed the Madan police headquarters . Later within the morning, the police recovered his hanging body and sent it to Netrokona morgue for autopsy after the inquest report.