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Anushka went to Dihan’s house alone that day

Anushka went to Dihan

On the day of the incident, Anushka Noor Amina, an ‘O’ level student of Mastermind School, visited Iftekhar Fardin Dihan’s house on Dolphin Road in Kalabagan of the capital alone. Even after the incident, Dihan drove Anushka to the hospital alone. There was nobody else inside the house or on the thanks to the hospital. Dulal Mia, the doorman of Dihan’s house in police custody, said this.

Dulal Mia, the doorman of Dihan’s house, had been on the run since the incident. He returned to figure on Sunday (January 10) night. Police took Dulal Mia into custody as a witness within the case on Monday (January 11th) morning.

Dulal told police that Dulal had been on duty at the gate of Dihan’s house since morning on the day of the incident. He knew that there was nobody reception that day except Dihan. About noon he saw a woman getting to Dihan’s house. About an hour after Anushka entered the house, Dihan came out unconscious and drove away.

Meanwhile, the police said that Dulal was taken into custody as a witness within the court following the statement made by Dihan under Section 164 within the case of rape and murder of Anushka. Since Dulal isn’t an accused within the case, he are going to be released at the top of the testimony.

Anushka Nur Amin, an ‘O’ level student of Mastermind School in Dhanmondi, got out of her house after receiving a mobile call from her friend Dihan on Thursday (January 8) morning. Dihan then took the girl to his range in Dolphin Alley, Kalabagan. She was raped in an empty house.

When he fell ill, four friends including Dihan took him to Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital in Dhanmondi. The doctor on duty there declared the scholar dead. Doctors said she died of excessive bleeding after the rape. Anushka’s father filed a case during this regard. Dihan has been arrested within the case. He also testified in court under section 164.


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