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Ananta Jalil’s video with boy goes viral

Ananta Jalil's video

Filmmaker, producer, director and businessman Ananta Jalil. He exercises regularly to stay himself fit. this point Ananta Jalil has spread a video of him walking on the treadmill.

As seen within the video, Ananta Jalil is walking on the treadmill in black clothes. Little Ariz is walking beside him. Not only walking, Ariz has also got involved in various conversations together with his father. within the caption of the video, Ananta wrote, “Morning walk with the boy on the primary morning of the year.”

Positive and negative comments were noticed within the video comment room after the discharge . Many netizens have expressed ‘good wishes’ for the daddy and son. Again, someone has made a harsh attack.

Meanwhile, he has recently finished filming a movie titled ‘Din-The Day’. The film may be a joint production with Iran. In contrast, it had been raining. He also will co-produce the movie ‘Leader-The Leader’ with Turkey. it’ll be directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury. during this movie too, Barsha are going to be opposite Ananta Jalil.

In 2010, Ananta Jalil made his big screen debut within the movie ‘Khonj-The Search’. Directed by Iftekhar Chowdhury, the film stars Barsha and Bobby opposite Ananta Jalil.