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7 ways to control children’s Internet use

7 ways to control

At the very end of 2019, the coronavirus epidemic spread round the world from the town of Wuhan in China. thanks to this epidemic, on the one hand, going out for youngsters has almost stopped, on the opposite hand, all types of educational institutions including schools and colleges are closed for an extended time. During this point of confinement , many children became hooked in to the web as how to spend time.

Many educational institutions are conducting online education activities to compensate the scholars for the loss of education. the youngsters weren’t overlooked . As a result, children are spending an extended time on the web .

Technology experts say parents got to keep two things in mind to stay their children safe from using the web . one among these is whether or not children are in danger of using the web . and therefore the second is whether or not they’re involved in any addiction.

Sumon Ahmed Sabir, chief technology expert at Amber reception , told BBC Bangla : “Cyber abuse has become quite common . it’s an area of threat. Another is addiction. Children then behave in such how that they can’t or don’t want to measure without internet.

However, technology experts say that the utilization of the web for youngsters are often controlled or their Internet use are often monitored with a touch awareness of some basic items . These include: Use a

Parental Control e-mail account: Technology experts believe that it’s safer to use a parental control e-mail account if a toddler is given a tool .

In this regard, information technology expert Salauddin Selim said, Google features a parental system . Using which it’s possible to watch what the kid is watching.

The advice he gives is that an e-mail address is required to show on the device given to children. And if it’s Gmail, then some action are often taken. It are often opened as a parental accounting .

If the child’s e-mail account is under 13 years aged after attaching the date of birth when opening the account, Google will automatically say that the account are going to be under parental control. Whether you would like to.

In that case you’ll be asked to understand that the account are going to be controlled through another car account. meaning any parent there’ll want an e-mail account. there’s a chance to offer an e-mail account to the oldsters .

From then on, this Gmail account are going to be logged into the account of the entire device, then what he looked for , what apps he installed, what he saw on YouTube-Facebook – everything will then be seen from the parent’s e-mail address. it’ll even be possible to spot the place where the kid went with the device.

Install some important apps:Salauddin Selim, an information technology expert, said that Parental Safe Browser is an app. If it’s installed on the child’s device, the kid won’t be ready to view any quite adult content using it.

Technology experts say that some safety apps should be installed keeping in mind the security of youngsters .

There is an app called YouTube Kids that makes content with children in mind. However, it’s not yet in Bangladesh, said Salauddin Selim. He thinks that the govt must take action during this regard.

It is often seen that the device of the daddy or mother is employed by the kid . therein case there’s an app called Safe Browser-Parental Control. It are often installed on a mobile, laptop or PC and kept on when children use it, said an IT expert.

Salauddin Selim said, there’s an choice to enable-disable this app. It are often used as required .

He said that there are more apps associated with security which, if installed, are often controlled in order that adult content doesn’t appear in other apps also .

Salauddin Selim said that installing ‘browser extensions’ like separate small plug-ins in PC or laptop browsers also stops adult content from coming. albeit you search, it’ll not come. These ‘browser extensions’ are available for free of charge , he said.

Use the kid version option: Sumon Ahmed Sabir, chief technology expert at Amber reception , said there’s a toddler version of the web within the case of Facebook and Messenger. therein case children can create an account that they use but parents have the chance to supervise.

He said Facebook has an option for teenagers to use. Messenger also has options. If someone there sends an invitation to your child, it’ll come to you. they will chat if you permit .

Be aware while getting internet connection: There are various internet service providers in Bangladesh who have internet connection. However, it’s better to see if the corporate from which the web connection is being taken has the Safe Internet feature for his or her children.

Having this feature allows you to dam certain sites or content from service providers.

In this regard, Sumon Ahmed Sabir said, “Most of the access points or devices like routers that we use for WiFi connection have some advantages.” Through which the utilization of internet are often brought in check .

However, in most cases, once the web connection is established, the businesses have established a connection through them and that they are not any longer seen.

He further said that they need to require their username and password in order that they need control over it. this may enable or disable the parental control features from the laptop.

Internet use time limit: Information technology experts think that children should be limited to how long they’re going to be online or on the web .

In this regard, technology expert Sumon Ahmed Sabir said that so as to regulate the utilization of the web by children, a particular time must be set on when the web connection are going to be reception and when it’ll not.

In this case, the web service provider or those that have internet connection can enter the portal and set the time of the connection through an application.

He also said that it are often done at the individual level. Sumon Ahmed Sabir said that good quality internet service providers have a feature of parental control. Where it are often determined which devices will have internet, which content are going to be available, which apps are going to be available and which can not.

There is also a system of parental control and age setting on social media like YouTube and Facebook. If it’s turned on, some content won’t reach children in any way.

These features also are available on any device and browser, including laptops. He also said that these should be turned on or turned on.

Take part with the baby:You also sit with the baby while using the web . There are various educational channels and websites. Encourage them to ascertain them. Make them curious about learning or creating something new.

In this regard, Sumon Ahmed Sabir said, YouTube or other sites use AI or AI . Through this, an equivalent sort of topics or contents that a user sees come up as suggestions.

He said a vision bounded by children is made . which is why if you encourage children to observe good and academic content consistent with their interests, they’re going to get an equivalent content.

Also be careful about what you see:In Bangladesh, a WiFi connection is typically taken during a house and each member of the household shares and uses an equivalent WiFi. Each WiFi device features a specific IP or Internet Protocol number or address.

In this regard, Salauddin Selim said, if the oldsters or adult members of the household search or see something using the WiFi connection, then they’re submitted to the IP address.

He said that if children or underage members of the household browse something using the web , then those things or contents also are available front of them.

And so parents got to take care when using the web to stay children faraway from such content, say technology experts.

However, during this case, if the parental control Gmail account is employed on the children’s device, then the adult content is filtered faraway from the youngsters , said Salauddin Selim.