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Clashes between two sides

Clashes between two sides in Brahmanbaria, 15 injured including police

At least 15 people, including police, were injured during a clash between two sides at Ashuganj in Brahmanbaria over a trivial incident.

Deforestation already affects almost all species in Colombia …

Tucanetes and hummingbirds are among the a whole bunch of species that inhabit the forests of Colombia. A brand...

7 diuretic foods that will help you lose weight and eliminate fluids

If you wish to keep away from fluid retention or shed weight in a balanced means, you may introduce the...

What the EMA recommends to people who will be vaccinated with Janssen

The vacuna de Janssen/Johnson & Johnson is the final choice authorised within the European Union to guard in opposition to covid-19. Medical trials,...

7 dangers of following the keto diet that will make you think twice …

The keto or ketogenic food plan is among the hottest lately to drop some pounds. Nevertheless, it isn't exempt...

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