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Habib got married for the third time

Popular composer, musician and conductor Habib Wahid. New excellent news for the fans. he's married to Afsana Chowdhury Shifa. On January 12...

4 things that happen to your body if you eat radishes...

Though their crunchy texture and particular taste aren't...

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Asking his wife to

Asking his wife to fall asleep, Zubayd hung himself from a palm tree

The husband went out in the dark because his wife was asleep and never came back. She awakened within the middle of...
7 ways to control

7 ways to control children’s Internet use

At the very end of 2019, the coronavirus epidemic spread round the world from the town of Wuhan in China. thanks to...

9 foods to combat the adverse effects of chemotherapy

When an individual is receiving most cancers remedy, there are meals whose properties may help alleviate or cut back the...
Fear of anarchy in the

Fear of anarchy in the United States, Trump’s state of emergency in Washington

President Donald Trump has approved a state of emergency within the capital, Washington, D.C., until Jan. 24. The move comes amid security...

Girls and STEM disciplines: “If they are not, it will be because they do...

The labor market is present process nice modifications and girls is not going to be current in it if we...

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