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The risk of coronavirus from touching a contaminated surface is …

In an replace, the CDC studies that the danger of an infection from touching a coronavirus-contaminated floor is low, at...

Is it really necessary to take 10,000 steps a day?

Scientific proof clearly signifies that strolling is among the most secure and best methods to enhance our well being. ...

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The 11 foods with the highest nutrient density

Meals with excessive dietary density are those who include many vitamins in relation to their caloric content material. They...

Can you learn a language by watching subtitled movies?

Among the many most widespread types of audiovisual translation are the well-known dubbing, subtitling and voice-over. The latter permits us to take heed...

5 reasons why achieving herd immunity is …

Herd immunity is the primary goal of the vaccination campaigns which might be being carried out in all international locations. Immunizing 70% of the inhabitants...

5 free online Raspberry Pi courses you can do in the …

If you wish to discover ways to fiddle...
Clashes between two sides

Clashes between two sides in Brahmanbaria, 15 injured including police

At least 15 people, including police, were injured during a clash between two sides at Ashuganj in Brahmanbaria over a trivial incident.

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